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The Mega Stone Resource

The Mega Stone Resource 2017-04-02


I originally started this resource a couple of years ago, but never got around to finishing it. Now, with the release of the new Relic Castle site, I have decided to finish it.

This resource is an image which includes images of Mega Stones for all fully evolved Pokémon, from Venusaur to Magearna! This is made for your own convenience, if you were to include a new mega design in your fangame, this resource exists for you to easily find a pre-created mega stone for that Pokémon.

The instructions are simple - just copy the image in the box (the stone and white space are all 32x32), and put the graphic in the items folder as you would for any other item in your game.

Sample Image:

Example of how the layout looks, Mega Stone to the applicable Pokémon is to the right of it.

This example is the list of mega stones for all of the Unova Pokémon

Nobody is needed to be credited, all of the stones are based on pre-existing item icons of Mega Stones available in Pokémon XY, ORAS and SM.

Credit if used: Capptier
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