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Simple GUI Menu Version 2 (Customizable/Extendable) for Essentials v17.2 2.0

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Simple GUI Menu Version 2 (Customizable/Extendable) for Essentials v17.2

This is a plug&play GUI Menu and was designed as a base, so you can add your own menu items and use your own graphics. It comes with 7 working standard options (Pokedex, Pokemon, Bag, Trainercard, Save, Settings, Exit) and a clock on demand. It also supports debug mode. The icon will be on the bottom right corner and allows for quick access to the debug menu (press down to select it and up to deselect).

Some might not the previous versions, which weren't much beginner friendly. This has changed quite a bit and it now should be really easy to use and to expand.

The following things are improved:
  • Easier to add new items using Procs (no need to search for the right place to add your code)
  • No need to set the width and height of the icons manually
  • The moving of the icons is handled completely by the computer (no need to calculate the right amount of movement)
  • Added an option to zoom in on selected icons
  • Background graphics can be changed to show something other than the watch (no need to use a different version)
  • A separate clock graphic can now always be shown, regardless of the background (in previous versions you had to choose between using the watch or generic design)
  • Overall code is more optimized and better commented
  • The icons don't wrap around anymore, so there is no seamless transition between the first and the last menu item. Instead now the menu will scroll all the way back twice as fast
  • Menu items can be arranged by setting their index (starting with 0)
  • Full documentation is included in a separate file (I recommend adding the content in a new script section)
  • Graphics were improved (quite a lot imo)
  • The code that moves the icons was put in a separate method (makes the code more readable)

The full documentation (including tutorials) can be found in documentation.txt

These are things you can modify
  • Menu Items: add more things you want to have in your menu (Tutorial
  • Icon Placement: space between 2 icons
  • Animation Style: choose between 3 styles: 1=up/down animation; 2=color change; 3=animation and color change
  • Additionally: make the icon zoom in when it's selected
  • Speed of the animation
  • Audio Settings: play sounds when opening the menu and/or when selecting
  • Clock: postion, font, font color, using a seperate graphic for the clock graphic or use background


Menu in Debug Mode

For questions and bug reports visit our Discord channel or post them here.

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