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Party Switcher for 17.2+ (Based on Reborn's Code) 2.0

This script allows for a Pokémon to be chosen to be swapped out of the party when caught. I've included both links to the v17 and the v18 script.

All you have to do is add v18+'s code/v17's code into a new script section and you're finished!

And that's it! Enjoy the script!
Michael, TechSkylander1518, Marcello, ZeroKid
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  1. V18 update

    This resource has now been fully updated to v18, with some added functionality thanks to...
  2. Complete Rewrite

    An error was discovered that caused Pokemon to evolve when they are switched into the party at...

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It's a great QoL upgrade, and it's still perfectly function in v18.1!