Character Customization Resources (Gen 4)

Character Customization Resources (Gen 4) 1.0


I want to share this resource with you that I worked on. These are files that contain character creation parts so that you can easier make unique characters or use them to introduce a character creator to your game.
They contain: back sprites, overworld sprites (for walking, running, bicycle) and front sprites for male and female characters. Each of them contains a full animation cycle as seen in the picture at the bottom. All in all there are per gender: 18 tops, 14 pants/skirts, 18 accessories (like glasses or hats), 4 Hairstyles for each gender, 3 backpacks/bags for the overworld sprites only and 4 skin colors. I also made about 5 color variants for each item of clothing. The colors were all taken from the pokemon base games, so they should fit seamlessly with vanilla resources. I included a picture below to showcase the possibilities but these are by no means the only ones.
I feel like I should point out that I originally made this as a mod to replace the customization options in pokemon insurgence. However, even though some of the clothes are inspired by the game I created all resources from scratch (well, and from the vanilla sprites).

You can freely edit, use and share the files.


example sprites.png
Credits would be appreciated but not necessary.
If used: Credit to Coffee Cup/ Poltergeist
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10/10 Will download again. It's amazing a big help for those that are new to graphics and pixel art!!
This super useful and has saved me so much time! One less thing to stress about
Super useful and time saving! A must have for anyone creating OC trainers.
As someone who isn't an artist and doesn't have funds readily available to commission artists (plus tip them for their work!), this pack is a LIFESAVER. Thank you for taking the time to put this together! It was so easy that even *I* could make sprites with it.
This is actually incredible! This ressource is truly a lifesaver for people who dunno how to make good art. Great Job!
Loving this resource! Each sprite/piece is done really well. This is sure to be helpful to anyone starting their fan game.
I love this and I use it. But now I wish for more cloths and hair to go with this. XD
As someone who never does sprites(since it's challenging) this is probs helpful
A lifesaver for people who can't art like me!!! :P
It is a really helpful tool for beginners, thank you, sadly it doesn't have a fishing sprite, but it saved so much time/it's so well done that it still deserves max rating.