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I got the bright idea to try and make my game even more accurate, and I realized the next best step to that was to give each trainer an intro theme. However, I realized none of them had been converted or compiled. So I decided to take it on myself to do it. And for the extra bit of accuracy, I made them compatible with Nuru Yuri's FmodEx Plugin so they would loop properly. That alone won't make them work properly, and as such a custom script was needed to make them play properly in game. Also provided by Nuru Yuri, a method of making it so it recognizes BGM files for Trainer Intros instead of BGS files. Do note, if you use this script, you have to define the intro theme in the script and not in the pbs files.

Currently, all that's included are the Trainer Intro themes from Gen 3 (FrLg/RSE), but I'm looking on getting the Gen 4 and 5 done as well. I MIGHT be missing some from Gen 3, and if I am, please tell me and I'll rectify it ASAP.
Go Ichinose/Morikazu Aoki: Initial composers, Pokemon
Derxwna Kapsyla: Converting, Compiling, Looping, Compiler script tweak
Nuru Yuri: FMod Ex Plugin (Not included), Trainer Intro Script
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