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Jumping Gen 6 Pokémon Icons

Jumping Gen 6 Pokémon Icons 1.0

Well, you know, icons for pokémon in default essentials tend to be really outdated unless they are newer pokémon, since old ones dont get replaced.

So you might want to have newer icons, or you might want to add gen 6 pokémon to your game and want the icons, and you might have come across this resource, except there is one tiny little problem, they are static icons, so they feel weird.

So I grabbed that and aligned them like the old ones, so they are jumping again! and this time I actually ordered them by folders like the original resource instead of just tossing all of them in a zip.

Copy pasted instructions from original resource to install:
Extract and merge the folder with Graphics/Icons in your Pokémon Essentials folder.
(Icons in the "Extra" folder must be properly indexed via scripts to make them work)


(Sylveon is jumping more because is selected and thats how its scripted)
Credits goes to Pikachumazzinga, the author of the original resource.
There is no need to credit me.
Likes: devdla
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