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Let's Go Catch Combos

Pokémon Essentials Version
v17.2 ➖
Sure you have seen some Shiny Hunt in Pokémon LGP & E (Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee), where they use a method that does not exist in any other game, or in Essentials, called Catch Combo.
In essence, the Catch Combos consist in catching the same species of Pokémon followed until a shiny one comes out, being that the more Pokémon followed you catch, the more chances you will have to have a "Shiny Spawn". Get a shiny AND also, the chances of finding the same Pokémon increase, as you also increase the chances of finding rare Pokémon, like Chansey. (This last one I only did for the water and the tall grass, but you can modify it if you know how)

Well, that's what I came to contribute, moving it to Essentials.
All you have to do is paste this in a new script, on Main and under Compiler:
Catch Combo Script

Hope you enjoy!
Me, Diego Mertens
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