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Pokemon OW Templates 4

If you have been into overworld spriting like me then you probably know the time wasted simply on getting the desired outfit for your character

In the file provided above you can find some outfits made to fit on a base
Just keep pasting the available resource on the base until you get what you want

The version currently has base and resources only for the male medium size character but I hope to cover other character sizes too in future
Most of them are resized and edited from black/white

Thank you
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Latest updates

  1. Added accessories from other generation

    Added over 30 more hairstyles and other accessories from generation 2 , 4 , 7
  2. Added more accessories

    Added more accessories
  3. Fixed positioning finally and added female hair

    Fixed positioning to now fit in the RMXP Added 8 female hairstyles

Latest reviews

The idea of overlaying multiple layers on top of each other is a good idea, but it seems like many of the layers don't line up correctly. I've tried about half of the hairstyles, and only the Alder one fits flawlessly with Hugh's hair needing some erasing of the base to fix and the other ones not aligning at all. It is also hard to see how a feature will look until it is opened up, but I don't think that can be helped.
Actually it doesnt open up correctly in rpg maker xp as of now
Because of some hairstyles that exceed the normal sprite size I added 32x32 pixels but since the origin of sprite is top left instead of center RMXP will make it float in the air I am fixing it currently and as of hair I will work on every object again such that their borders match each other after I am done with actual positioning
thank you