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Multiple Protagonists v4.0

NOTE: This version (and all future versions) will ONLY be compatible with Essentials v19.1. You can download a v18 version (v3.0) from the main post. If you're upgrading from a previous version of the plugin, make sure to look at the Script Installation guide again to reinstall some of the miscellaneous code.
- Updated to v19.1
I've updated the script installation instructions to include compatibility with Mr. Gela's Name Windows script. If you're using both scripts, you'll need to follow step 6 of the new \PN0 installation instructions to add that compatibility.
NOTE: This version (and all future versions) will ONLY be compatible with Essentials v18. You can download the v17.2/v16.2 version (v2.3) from the main post.
- Updated to v18
- Fixed crash on startup for some users (presumably users who don't have a save folder)
- Updated Script Compatibility guide step 1
- Added compatibility for mej's Follow Pokemon script (added a wrong fix before)
- Fixed bug where \PN0 wouldn't work if pbSwitchCharacter had not been called yet in-game
- Fixed gsubPN error when compiling trainer events (must be manually fixed following lines 100-102 of this script) (June 30, 2020)
WARNING! v2.0 is not compatible with the previous versions. This means that you MUST start a new save for testing if you update this script.
In other words, if you've already released a game using an earlier version of this script, then you cannot update to v2.0 without ruining players' old saves.
- Revamped internal structure of how character data is stored
- Added trading between characters (examples in script guide)
> Trade Pokemon 1 for 1 (just like trading with an NPC)
> Send Pokemon from one character to another
- Added script guide section on Script Compatibility
> Includes fix to compatibility issue with mej71's Following Pokemon script
- Added \PN0 - \PN7 to Show Text boxes and end speeches in battle (look in script guide for installation)
- Added registering/battling other characters (look in script guide for examples)