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Multiple Protagonists v2.2

Wonderful! It works now thanks to your fixes! The only thing I'd say is to fix the interaction with the following Pokemon after switching characters, but other than that, it's good now.
Ah, I thought I had fixed it before but I hadn't actually tested it :\ I've updated the script to have a tested fix (as always, make sure to restart your save).
Can't seem to get this to work. It keeps returning an error with gsubPN. I have the logs if you can help me with this. It seems like a promising feature though, so I'm not giving up on it just yet. Hope to hear back from you soon.
In the Discussion section, someone also reported an error relating to gsubPN. Is it the same error? If so then you need to restart your save for testing. If not then DM me the error and I'll see what's up.
Very Easy To use Script and works awsome..from what i've noticed do far.