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Pokemon Exploration 1

Pokémon Essentials Version
v17.2 ➖
This script adds in Pokemon Exploration, where you send off your pokemon to find items. It's loosely based off one of the Poke Pelago Islands.
To use it, you must create an event that takes the pokemon, using pbChooseNonEggPokemon to select the pokemon and pbExplorationDeposit to to deposit them, taking the party index as an argument. The script has no restriction on the length of the exploration team, but only 8 pokemon fit on the included display screen. 9 pokemon causes them to get cut in half.

Next, you must call pbExplorationItemPool with an array of item ids or symbols to define the possible treasure that a pokemon can find. The script picks one at random, so just include duplicate entries to weigh items more or less commonly.

To start an exploration, call pbExplorationState.pbStart(steps), where steps is the number of steps required to complete the expedition. To check if an expedition is complete after starting it, call pbExplorationState.inProgress?, which returns true if there are still more steps remaining.

After an expedition, call pbRecieveExplorationItems to receive any items found. If the player does not have room, the excess items are lost. To return the pokemon, call pbExplorationChoose, which takes the text to say and the variable to save the selected index and name, and give the resulting index to pbExplorationWithdraw, which actually returns the pokemon. Neither method checks if there is space in the party, and the latter will raise an error if you give an index that does not exist.

Included is a display that shows the current party, the remaining steps and the the last item found. call it with
     scene =PokemonExploration_Scene.new

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