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Pokemon Outbreaks 2

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Sometimes swarms of Pokemon appear on routes they normally don't. This script just replicates the Gen 4 mechanics, for the most part. As long as the switch to activate is on, it will generate a predefined outbreak of Pokemon on one route for the time period you have set up. The script defaults to 24 hours and will persist through a save and quit.

It's a plug and play script, defaulting to being enabled with switch 100, and it has a 40% chance of replacing the normal encounter on a map.

Included are two utility methods, pbGenerateOutbreak and pbOutbreakInformation. pbGenerateOutbreak, just creates a new outbreak and resets the time period, while pbOutbreakInformation takes two arguments, the variable number to save the species and the variable number to save the map name, and it also returns an array containing the map id and species index. pbOutbreakInformation will set the variables to -1 if there is no outbreak and returns [-1,-1].

To create a new possible outbreak, you just need to add another array to OUTBREAKSPECIES. The script comes predefined with two encounters, Doduo on map id 5 that only spawn at level 2 and Voltorb on map id 5 that spawn at level 28-29.
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¡Que script más maravilloso! Yo ni siquiera recordaba estos encuentros, pero agregarlos al juego le dará mucha más inmersión