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Only compatible with Essentials v17.x!


You may be asking yourself; why of all the people on the forum I decided to post yet another title screen script.

Unlike currently existing title screen scripts that lock you into a specific style should you be looking for a specific kind of animation, or just give you the ability to display static images; the Modular Title Screen resource gives you the complete freedom to construct your title screen however you see fit. Many of the old screen styles have been chopped up into individually addressable bits, that can be additively configured. You can construct an entirely custom and entirely animated title screen in just mere minutes. You can add as few or as many elements as you like. Some examples of what you can do with this system can be seen in the screenshots below, but it's safe to say that you have a lot of options at your disposal.


  • Create a complete title screen in a few minutes
  • Complete modularity for all visual elements
  • Individual configuration per visual element
  • Intro animations (now work flawlessly at 60FPS)
  • Lots of pre made presets for you to use
  • A whole bunch of graphic assets

(gif quality not representative of actual product)


You'll notice the linked script looks a bit odd though. It mainly contains green text. That's right, the script only hosts your configuration constants. A lot has been commented in the script, documenting what you can use and how you can use it. Some presets have been left for you to explore as well. MAKE SURE TO READ THE BITS IN GREEN. Or else you won't know how to actually configure your animated title screen. The main idea just boils down to adding modifier names to a config array.

In case you're looking for more details on what graphics the visual elements use, you can find a list of those here.

FAQ will fill up once actual comments pop up

Please credit the following for their contributions, when using the Modular Title Screen resource.

GameFreak | BGMs for the official Title Screen tracks​
Luka S.J. | Designs, graphics and code​
Luka S.J.
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