Rock Climb with Overworld Animation

Rock Climb with Overworld Animation 1.0

Rock Climb with Overworld Animation
Current Version: 1.1

Implements Rock Climbing and adds an animated effect for using the Rock Climb HM in the overworld.

*This script was loosely based on an old Rock Climb resource.

*This comes with stock graphics for Red and Leaf. If you want to use different characters, you will need to make the animations yourself.

See the notes at the top of the script for installation and usage instructions!
- This script was written by me, Ulithium_Dragon.
I don't need credit for it, but it's always appreciated.

- This script was based loosely on a rock climbing resource by zingzags
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This resources is great if you want a feature like in Diamond and Pearl. Script is easy to plug in and even a pre-defined line to turn Rock Climb into an HM is included.