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HGSS Style Transitions Script 1.5

Pokémon Essentials Version
v17.2 ➖

This is the SIMPLE script makes your game like HGSS style.

Now it is become a simplest Plug-and-Play script which not really need any skill or knowledge for coding. Just follow steps by steps, then you and your game will be fine.

  1. Download the Resources file which has one folder and one text file in there.
  2. Extract Transitions folder under Graphics/Pictures
  3. Open
    Script Editor (or press F11)
  4. Find the title call Main.
  5. Right click Main, and click the Insert. (You can name whatever you want, or just name it HGSS Transitions)
  6. Now copy the script in Transitions Script.txt and paste into your new section.
  7. And now, just save and close Script Editor, save your game. Then you are finished! You can start to test it out!
How to use it?
  • In any event, add a script with "pbHGSSTransitions("place")"
  • Code:
    >Play SE:'Door exit',80, 100
    >Change Screen Color Tone:(255,255,255,255), @6
    >Wait: 8 frame(s)
    >Transfer Player:[032:Ilex Forest],(005,012), Up, No Fade
    >Script: pbHGSSTransitions("Ilex Forest")
    >Change Screen Color Tone:(0,0,0,0), @6
  • Name by default
    • Burned Tower
    • Dark Cave E
    • Dark Cave S
    • Dragon's Den
    • Ice Path
    • Ilex Forest
    • Mt. Mortar
    • National Park
    • Ruins of Alph
    • Sloepoke Well
    • Sprout Tower
    • Tin Tower
    • Tohjo Falls
    • Union Cave
    • Victory Road
    • Whirl Inlands
    • Cerulean Cave
    • Diglett's Cave
    • Mt. Moon
    • Rock Tunnel
    • Seafoam Islands
    • Viridian Forest

How to put my own Transition Sense Picture?
  • Under "Graphics/Pictures/Transitions", there are three different png files you will see.
    There are "_Day", ===> 5 AM to 14 PM
    "_Afternoon", ===> 14 PM to 20 PM
    and "_Night" ===> 20 PM to 5 AM
  • (It depends on what you set in "PField_Time" , and the setting above is from v17.2)
  • When you put your pictures into the folder, make sure you have those suffix, or you will get the black screen for transition.

Only For Ess v16.2 User:
  • If you want to use in v16.2, then you have to add a script to your "class LocationWindow"
  • After ",0,Graphics.width,Graphics.height)"
    add "@window.viewport.z=500" So that the Location Sign is higher than Transition image.


Any question with this resource? Free to ask!
Script: Jonas930
Art Ripped: Latias Tamer (Spriters Resource)
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Latest updates

  1. Move Support for 17.2

    Change some script so that more compatibly with ess v17.2