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Mr. Gela's HGSS rips

Mr. Gela's HGSS rips 2018-06-07

What's this?
To keep this short, just a bunch of uncategorized graphics from HGSS, including some animated tiles (flowers, rocks, seashore...) and various UI elements I had not seen anywhere on the internet.

The graphics are in their raw PNG output. They have not been formatted for RMXP in any way. How you decide to use them is up to you.

Show me the goods!
Gallery with a few samples -here-.

Please credit if used to:
Mr. Gela

Please do not redistribute this anywhere resource anywhere else. If you wish to share this, link to this site.

Por favor da créditos si lo utilizas a:
Mr. Gela

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Mr. Gela
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Super useful, and high quality rips. Great UI, and animated graphics.