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Generation 6 Sprite Pack 2.1

Sometime back, there was a project to make GBA-Compatable sprites for the Pokemon introduced in X and Y. This project was finished, and all the Pokemon introduced (including Mega sprites) were posted. However, Essentials was lacking sprites for Gen 6 Pokemon, primarily because there were no official sprites, only the models. It's been a long while since the addition of the Gen 6 mechanics to the engine, and since then I haven't seen a Gen 6 sprite kit that was compatible with Essentials. So, since my fangame was using Kalosian Pokemon, I decided to just do the process myself. It wasn't that hard, batch conversion made the process infinitely easier. I also figured that I may as well reupload these so that everyone would have access to them, and wouldn't need to constantly convert the sprites for their own projects.

One thing I will say; the sprites need to be readjusted so they appear correctly in battle and in the Pokedex. If you can, please do it manually- automatic readjustment will adjust already existing entries in pokemon.txt, which were already preconfigured.

One last note: Not all icons are not included. I'll get around to that. Eventually.
The credits are the same as they are for the actual pack, but I'll post them here for the sake of clarity.


*MrDollSteak - Everything except what's listed below

*Chaos Rush - For allowing (MrDollSteak) to continue the DS-Style 64x64 Pokemon Sprite Resource,
Arceus-Fairy, Espurr Front, Bergmite Front, Goodra Back, Talonflame Front Basis

*Layell - Permission to use sprites from the Smogon XY Sprite Project, QC on various sprites from the XY Sprite Project
Sylveon Front, Vivillon Front, Mega Absol Front

*Spherical Ice - Litleo, Hawlucha, Dragale Front, Binacle Front, Mega Beedrill Front, QC on Delphox

*princessofmusic - Flabebe Front, Floette Front and Florges Front, Klefki

*Sky High - Mega Salamence, Diancie Back, Vivillon Icon, Pyroar Male Icon, Dedenne Icon, Xerneas Icon, Zygarde Icon, Diancie Icon, Hoopa Icon, Hoopa Unbound Icon, Volcanion Icon

*Wobblebuns - Pumpkaboo Fronts, Helioptile Front, Goomy Front, Sliggoo Front, Mega Kangaskhan Baby

*Redrooster - Diggersby Front, Barbaracle Front, Meowstic Male and Female Front

*N-Kin - Froakie Front, Pancham Front, Malamar Front, Hoopa Front, Volcanion Front

*Zerudez - Chesnaught Front, Fletchinder Front, Mega Manectric Front

*SupahSnivy - Fennekin Front, Carbink Front

*Branflakes325 - Pangoro Front, Aegislash Front

*Legitimate Username - Aegislash Front, Diancie Front, Mega Garchomp Front

*aXl - Braixen Front, Doublade Front, Hoopa Unbound Front, Mega Sableye Front

*Superjub - Sylveon Back

*Seiku88 - Gogoat Front

*Gexeys - Amaura Front

*al199288 - Fletchinder Back

*Sleet - Skrelp Front

*The Cynical Poet - Mega Slowbro Front

*Noscium - Furfrou Front

*Tayub1221 - Aurorus Front

*SSJ4 Furanki - Noivern Front Basis, Skiddo Basis

*Arkeis - Aromatisse Front

*Quanyails - Honedge Front, Volcanion Back, Mega Absol Front

*Orchid - Volcanion Back

*GeoisEvil - Dedenne Front

*Wyverii - Xerneas Front

*Vale98PM - Zygarde Front

*thedarkdragon11 - Hoopa Back, Volcanion Front, Mega Garchomp Front

*TrainerSplash - Hoopa Unbound Front

*MilanesaCosmic - Mega Manectric Front

*Fridave - Bunnelby Front, QC on Mega Houndoom and Greninja

*Versekr Dark - Mega Garchomp Back

*Nordk - Phantump Basis

*Hoenn - Clauncher Front Basis

*GOLDstandard - Delphox Front Basis

*Doesntknowhowtoplay - Fennekin Icon, Braixen Icon, Delphox Icon, Fletchling Icon, Fletchinder Icon

*Thundrake - Pancham Icon, Helioptile Icon, Heliolisk Icon, Carbink Icon, Hawlucha Icon, Avalugg Icon, Noibat Icon, Noivern Icon

*orly32123 - Dragalge Icon

*Criminon - QC on Greninja and Mega Blastoise

*Slowpoke13 - QC on Chesnaught, Litleo and Pyroar

*Soloo993 - QC on Quilladin, Pancham, Espurr and Sylveon

*Dursem - QC on Noivern


Derxwna Kapsyla - Making them properly* compatible with RMXP
* Backsprites need to be readjusted to look correct on the Pokedex screen, but you can just do the automatic sprite readjustment in debug tools
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