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Mr. Gela's Name Windows

Pokémon Essentials Version
v17.2 ➖
What's this?
See screenshots. owo

O.K. What do I do?
Import this Pastebin Link into a new script section. Use with the text code "\xn[text]".

UPDATED 1.1 (v17.2 and below): Pastebin
What's new in 1.1, my friend?
* Supporting dark skins
* Use \dxn instead of \xn
* Filename should then be "(skin) xn dark"
Sorta embarassed this wasn't a feature to begin with.

UPDATED FOR V18: Pastebin
* Support for V18.

It will default to the choice windowskin (left screenshot) but, if there's a file in the Windowskin folder called "(windowskin file name) xn" (for example "speech hgss 1 xn" for the default Windowskin number 1 in Essentials), it will use that one instead (right screenshot). A bunch of those are included in one of my other resources: Mr. Gela's Windowskin Pack

Show me the goods!


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Mr. Gela
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The update reminded me I'd never written a review. I love this script! It's obviously handy, but it's also so easy to use and implement that I've been able to add it to existing games with no fuss. Thank you!
¡This is perfect! But, ¿can i change the Y position respect the textbox? i mean, if the textbox is up, the name window show under the textbox neither in the top? i talk spanish, and i will repeat in my language because i dont know if you undestand me
¿se puede cambiar la posición de la ventana con repecto a la textbox? quiero decir, si la textbox está arriba, que la name window aparezca debajo en lugar de arriba de la textbox ¿es posible?
Mr. Gela
Mr. Gela
Sorry but this option is not supported at the moment :-(
An excellent script, plug 'n play implementation, customizable window position (yay) and can really make a difference in text-heavy games which do not necessarily utilize portraits.