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Mr. Gela's Windowskin Pack 1

What's this?
A bunch of old windowskins I had laying around. The gold/choice skins is the default Gen 4 one. I also include the HGSS ripped signs for routes, towns and others, a custom windowskin recoloured a bunch of times and a black and a white one, that I used to use in cutscenes. Use them as you see fit.

O.K. How do I set them up!?

Drop the images inside your Windowskin folder.

You select the default skin frame in the script section "SpriteWindow". The alternatives windowskins you can select are listed inside "$SpeechFrames", in "PScreen_Options".

In order to make the sign skins look like the ones from HGSS, I have a few colour codes around that I'll share. Sign Skins Preview:

\w[sign]<c3=ffffff,cecece>Test Island\nThe island of 
\w[sign route]<c3=ffffff,a5deb5>Test Island\nThe 
island of ever-debugging.
\w[sign town]<c3=ffffff,decea5>Test Island\nThe 
island of ever-debugging.

Show me the goods!

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Its always refreshing to see a resource that helps creating the HGSS experience. Thanks for the windowskins