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This resource pertains to version 20.1 of Pokémon Essentials.
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You can export any and every map, and you can choose if you want the events on that map to be included in the PNG or not. You also have this option for the player, but it won't show up no matter what if the player isn't on that map.

First off, install my Scripting Utilities.

Then, install this plugin.
v19: Marin's Map Exporter
v20: Marin's Map Exporter


If you want to export one of your maps, go into the debug menu and locate Field options -> Export a Map (it's at the top). When you choose that option, you will get a list of all your maps (just like in Warp to Map). Pick one, and it will ask you to choose from one/two options (whether or not you want events to be included, and if the player is currently on that chosen map, whether or not you want the player to be included as well).
If you choose Export, the map will be exported to whatever filename you wrote down in EXPORTED_FILENAME. By default, this is exported.png.

You can manually export a map as follows:
pbExportMap(id = nil, options = [])
  • id : The id of the map you want to export. By default, this is the current map the player is on.
  • options : An array of options. This can include :player and/or :events. By default, this is empty (no events, nor the player).

The method that shows a list of maps and makes you pick one to export is pbExportAMap. That's all.
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  1. Update v2.1

    Fixed bug with drawing autotiles.
  2. Update v2.0

    Updated to Essentials v20
  3. Update v1.6

    Fixed the plugin overriding the "Warp to map" debug option.

Latest reviews

It's good but when I try to extract my maps it only extract one layer, if there is something in 1, 2 and 3 it only extract layer 3. here is how it looks
You're probably using RMXP's built-in transparency color on your tileset, rather than actually having a tileset with an alpha channel. That's not supported.
Fantastic script. Great for easily showcasing your maps with no setup required.