Pokémon Defiance Alternate Forms Graphics Pack

Pokémon Defiance Alternate Forms Graphics Pack 1.0

Due to Defiance's cancellation, I have ultimately made the alternate form sprites available to the public. They currently lack backsprites (and I'm very unlikely to make any), but there is still a large number of sprites to use.

Naukan Forms are currently at 46 (I had planned 50 but a couple of lines lack evolutions yet, if you want to make your own, go ahead) but I also have a small folder containing a couple of Pokemon I started but never actually finished.
Here's a nice little chart showing off all of the forms: (Some of them are not up to date but the actual folder sprites are, rest assured)
There's also 31 different Mega Evolutions included in the pack, but unlike the regional variants they haven't yet been formatted (nor do I have a sweet little organizational chart for them)

You can use and edit these sprites however you see fit. Just don't claim them as your own and be sure to credit me.
Credits to myself and Gamefreak, obviously.

Juuust don't go claiming these as your own. That wouldn't be very nice of you.
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