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Mutually Exclusive Pokémon 1.0

Pokémon Essentials Version
v17.2 ✅
This is a small change that allows you to specify a set of Pokémon that cannot be in the party at the same time (i.e. are mutually exclusive) by setting Exclusive=True in PBS/pokemon.txt for each Pokémon in the set.

This could be useful for balance reasons, if you have particularly powerful legendaries; or story reasons, if you have Pokémon that dislike each other.

Note the @exclusive flag is only set when a Pokémon is first captured, so if you already have a save file the Pokémon owned in it are not affected by this script.

Also this only intercepts Pokémon that are captured, gifted, and withdrawn from the PC. So for example purifying a shadow Pokémon that has @exclusive could still potentially end up in the party in violation of the limit, I haven't tested.

How to read diffs:
1. The purple lines starting with @ tell you which script to make the change in.
2. The green lines starting with + tell you what to add.
3. The red lines starting with - tell you what to remove.
4. Other lines are just to help you work out where to change.

For example:

@@ -118349,7 +118378,7 @@ # Compiler.rb
 # Compile Pokémon
 def pbCompilePokemonData
-  # Free bytes: 0, 1, 59-75
+  # Free bytes: 0, 1, 60-75
   # (Some bytes are used only by forms)
   sections = []
   requiredtypes = {
In the Compiler script look for pbCompilePokemonData and change the comment from "Free bytes: 0, 1, 59-75" to "Free bytes: 0, 1, 60-75".
No credit required.
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Latest reviews

Took me a while to get around to it, but I finally downloaded this. Thank you so much for sharing it! It’s working exactly how I wanted. :D
I install it and its said that a error happen in line 2 in the scrips
Can you give more details? In which script's line 2 is the error? What's the error message?