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DPPt Pause Menu v1.0

Pokémon Essentials Version
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Generation 4 had a pretty simplistic Pause menu. It resembles Generation 3's, but it has icons. This resource will turn your boring Pause menu into something with a little more spice.

If you have Luka S.J.'s Easy Mouse System installed, this menu will also work with mouse. If not, it won't (duh).


  • Supports all screensizes
  • Modular and easy to edit
  • Remembers last selected index
  • You can hold down/up as well
  • Supports the Easy Mouse System (if installed, it'll work with mouse too)

Does NOT: Support Safari Zone and such games.

First, download this script and put it in a new section above Main (UNLESS YOU ALREADY HAVE IT!)
Marin's Scripting Utilities

Download this script and put it above Main:
DP Pause Menu

Next, download the graphics.

Adding your own options

To make/add your own options, find @options = []. Underneath, all options are initialized and added. They follow a very simple format:
[displayname, unselected, selected, code, (condition)]
: This is what's actually displayed on screen.
unselected : This is the icon that will be displayed when the option is NOT selected. For it to be gender dependent, make it an array.
selected : This is the icon that will be displayed when the option IS selected. For it to be gender dependent, make it an array.
code : This is what's executed when you click the button.
condition : If you only want the option to be visible at certain times, this is where you can add a condition (e.g. $Trainer.pokedex).
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Latest updates

  1. Update v1.3

    Updated to v18.
  2. Update v1.2

    Fixes an issue with no dexes showing up upon opening the Pokédex.
  3. Update v1.1

    Added in sound effects.

Latest reviews

I'm using it right now and I tried to use it in the past, but I didn't know I could open the diamond pausemenu script.rb with my notepad, now I found it out by googling how to open rb files. It just opens with notepad. Besides that I'm very happy with this Pause Menu and it looks like Diamond and Pearl plus it is essential to use for games with Essentials, so you can customize the menu to your likes and it works on recent Essentials updates! It's easy to install and easy to add a new menu option, excellent work Marin!