Generation 5 Pokémon Center Animation

In BW and BW2 when healing a Pokémon the player does a animation that gives nurse joy Pokéballs

  1. xUMGx
    Pokémon Essentials Version:
    v17.2 ✅
    first things first you need 2 character spritesheet for trchar000 or trchar001 and name them trchar000_1 trchar001_1 etc, you can download the sprites im using, i ripped the BW and BW2 sprites for this, you can create your own the sprites, it should look a little like these two:


    the first image should be named trchar000_1/trchar001_1
    the first image should be named trchar000_2/trchar001_2
    and place them in your characters folder.

    for the first event page.

    now for the second event page

    if you dont get the tutorial at all (because im bad at creating tutorials) or just dont seem to be on the mood to do it you can download the game with only one Poké Center with the nurse joy event here.
    or just download the .rxdata for the map.

    that should be all of it.
    this is what it looks like.
    if anyone can figure out a way of only having one trchar000_1 image it'd appreciated.