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Overworld Shadows for v17

Overworld Shadows for v17

  • Updated for compatibility with the Enhanced Staircases script.
  • Compatibility with Marin's Scripting Utilities and Marin's Map Exporter.
Updated to v1.8:
  • When an event switches which page is active, it will also update the shadow to match that new page.
Updated to v1.7:
  • Shadows are now also disposed whenever you "Erase" an Event
  • Shadows now use the actual Event's sprite's viewport too, which means it will always be in the correct layer and not display above tiles with priority, etc.
Updated to v1.6:
  • The shadow's opacity will now always match the Player's opacity (and visibility)
  • Fixed a bug with determining the active event page
Updated to v1.5:
  • Fixed trainers not walking toward the player with Trainer(n) and any other events that depend on their name being used (I was accidentally changing the name in-code)
Updated to v1.4:
  • You can now also use comments to determine if an event should get a shadow or not
  • Events without a graphic will no longer get a shadow
  • Now works without following Pokémon as well (Make sure to place this script UNDERNEATH your Following Pokémon script!)
  • Supports Pokémon Following
  • Supports Bush Flag tiles