Free Summary Screens

Free Summary Screens

This resource is a little dated! Be sure to check what version of Essentials each style is made for.
Just drop these into the pictures folder to use. Don't forget to credit me please if you use them.​

Rules to use this resource:
1. You do not have permission to use this resource if your fan game makes money in any way. This includes accepting donations, if you sell merch based on your game, collect money from ads, have paid accounts or content for the game, or if you’re a dev with a personal/team Patreon.

2. Don't include my work in any kind of package or dev kit to share with others. It 's too easy for the first rule to be broken when devs don't see the original source. Just link back here if you wanna share with other devs.

3. Yes you may edit all you want when using this resource! Just remember rule #2 and don't share your edit like a resource you made.

Imitating the main series:
Compatible with: Essentials V16.2
Contains graphics for: Summary, Party, and Pokedex
Download here!

Some original styles:
Made compatible with Essentials V16.2
Download here!
Also, check out this resource pack for some more UI made to match this style!
Download includes version compatible with Essentials v17, and the old 16.2 compatible version!
This example shot is from V17. It doesn't look great without editing your script to adjust the text color.
Made compatible with Essentials V16.2
Download here!

For the darker themes, be sure to test it yourself to see if the text still looks alright. If you're still using v16 of Pokemon Essentials, recommend using one of the versions of PScreen_Summary that Epic made!​
Rules of use:​

  1. Credit goes to Akizakura16​
  2. You may not use this resource if your project makes money. This includes methods such as ad revenue, accepting donations, selling merchandise, optional paid content, an associated personal or team Patreon, or any other kind of paywall or premium features.​
  3. Because the above rule exists, reposting or redistributing this resource through kits or other means that would get this stuff into the hands of people who don't know about the exclusive permission isn't allowed. Just link to the source if you want to share.​
  4. As long as the above rules are followed you're free to edit/manipulate/use this resource in any way you want.​
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Awesome! I just added the gen 6 summary screens! 1st best gen 6 and 2nd best Pokémon Go! Just seeing this makes me feel like I want to make a Pokémon Fangame based on Pokémon Go! Excellent!
Goes hand in hand with Aki's battle UI resource, thanks a bunch!
the broken pixels are impressive, very nice UI, the GO UI is 2nd best