HGSS Trainer Battle Sprites

HGSS Trainer Battle Sprites 1.0

I've had these sitting on my computer for a while now, and I figured I figured they might be a bit helpful to other people so... here's some cool stuff.

HGSS Trainer Battle Sprites

This is a collection of the trainer sprites from HGSS formatted and ready to use with Pokemon Essentials.

What's Included

This resource contains 73 different trainer classes, including the 4 player characters shown aboveas well as 69 other NPC trainers, ranging from Joggers to Bikers to Hikers and even a guy in a speedo. It even comes with it's own trainertypes.txt PBS file so you don't have to go through the tedious work of indexing all the sprites yourself.

What's Not Included

Trainer backsprites, Team Rocket/Team Galactic, the Gym Leaders, and the E4 are not currently included, but may be added in a future update if so desired. Overwords are also not included.

Installation of this Wonderful Resource

Adding these sprites to your project is a pretty simple task. All you need to do is add the sprites included into your Graphics/Characters folder, and then add trainertypes.txt to the PBS folder.

One big drawback of the resource is that the sprites are named and indexed with the numbers 0-72. If you have existing sprites you wish to keep in that number range, then you'll either need to rename your existing sprites or the ones included here, and update the trainertypes.txt file to fit said changes.
Please credit if used. Cause' ya know, a lot of time and effort went into this, both by the people who ripped them and myself who formatted/indexed them.


- Nx-kun
- Lemon
- Sparta

This is the spritesheet used, if anyone needs it for any reason.
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Fantastic, thanks for this! The addition of trainertypes.txt is especially nice :)