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The following script is designed to compact the amount of commands needed in your event to transfer the player from one map to another, as well as adding a bunch of new transitions to use between the map transfers. This script is standalone.

Carefully read all the instructions .

giving you a little taste of what it looks like.

How to Use?

Using this script is extremely easy, and it reduces the regular amount of eventing lines needed to get any kinds of Map Transfer transitions to 1. Instead of going about business the usual way, you can simply transfer the player across maps using the following script command:
Where the parameters mean the following:
"map_id" => the map ID of the destination map
"x" => x coordinate on the map to transfer the player to
"y" => y coordinate on the map to transfer the player to
"transition" => expressed as a symbol, defining which transition to use
    can  be any of the following:
       :DIRECTED  (plays a directional gradient fade)
       :ZOOMED  (plays a B/W styled zoom in transition)
       :CIRCULAR  (plays a circular gradient fade)
       :CAVEIN  (default Cave Entrance transition from Essentials)
       :CAVEOUT  (default Cave Exit transition from Essentials)
       any other value will be treated as invalid, and the script will fall back to a default fade
       to black transition
"direction" => numeric value denoting which direction the player will face after transfer (if omitted, player will face their current direction)
Example use:

There are no questions yet since the script is brand new, but I am leaving this area reserved for once people actually get to using the new script.

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