[v17.2] Improved Colored Text

[v17.2] Improved Colored Text

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v17.2 ➖
This resource is not necessary for v18.

If you are using v17.2, I highly recommend Maruno's Alternative \c[x] Text Colors over this one!

13/July/2020 Edit: I highly recommend utilizing Maruno's Alternative \c[x] Text Colors resource instead! Our resources are compatible if you enjoy qualities of both, with slight tweaking of one or the other. I personally find myself preferring Maruno's resource, due to the overall improvements such as additional colors and alternate shading for dark windowskins. It's also a nice bonus that they're taken from v18, in my opinion!

In many games, key words are usually highlighted in a specific color. Red for items, blue for important NPCs, green for locations. Unfortunately, the default colored text in Essentials can be a bit... hard on the eyes, in my opinion! I'm compelled not to use them, just because they don't flow well with the default text and I personally find them difficult to read.

Here are Essentials' default colors, for the \c[x] tags:

For that, I've created new versions of the text colors, using the Default, Male, and Female text colors as inspiration.
(This means \c[1] and \c[2] text will actually match the default \b and \r colors! Consistency all around!)

Here are my updated colors:

Of course, they aren't perfect (yellow and white text are sins in and of themselves!), but they're much easier on the eyes, in my opinion. And if you aren't entirely happy with them, they're very easy to customize on your own!

To install these colors, locate the SpriteWindow script and scroll to Line 296-303. You should find a list of labeled text colors ranging from #Blue to #White. Replace Lines 296-303 with the following:

       "<c3=3050c8,c9cbd1>",   # Blue
       "<c3=e00808,d0c8c8>",   # Red
       "<c3=007c06,c9d1c9>",   # Green
       "<c3=009595,c9d1d1>",   # Cyan
       "<c3=d700bb,d1c9d0>",   # Magenta
       "<c3=dddd00,eeeece>",   # Yellow
       "<c3=878787,d1d1d1>",   # Grey
       "<c3=f8f8f8,b8b8b8>"    # White

(If you are running v16, you will need to replace Lines 1125-1232 in the Messages script!)

If you wish to customize these further, note that the new code uses color hex codes. The first hex code is the text itself, while the second hex code is the shadow.
Remember: you don't even need to make the labeled colors! For example, if you're never going to use Yellow, you can easily edit that line to be a brand new color that will be called with \c[6]. These are simply my updates of the colors that come with Essentials by default!

Go make your colored text easier on your players' eyes! If they're like me, they'll thank you!
No credit is needed, by any means!
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You don't know how long I spent researching to find a way to do exactly what this post suggests. I was even tweeting out trying to find answers!
Thanks a million! Now I can get back to working on my game!
Fantastic suggestion of colours, big improvement over the default. :)
I love it! i share the same opinion, the original colors are to much ofr the eyes, this fixes more than one problem too, not only is it easier on the eyes, but it looks better with a black text box, thanks for this!