Pokéride functionality

Make custom Pokérides with incredible ease.

  1. Marin
    Pokémon Essentials Version:
    v17.2 ✅
    Pokéride functionality in Pokémon Essentials. Only compatible with v17+.

    First, download these graphics and put the MAP in Graphics/Characters (not the individual files!)
    Download Graphics
    (I recommend changing the graphics. The graphics are not the emphasis of this resource.)

    Next, put the following pieces of code in two new sections above Main.

    To call a Pokéride, use pbMount(name).
    To dismount all Pokérides, use pbDismount.
    In both of these, name is either a string (with quotation marks, e.g. "Tauros"), a symbol (e.g. :Tauros), or just plain Tauros.

    There are two new terrain tags, 17 and 18.
    17 is land that can only be walked on if you're on a Mudsdale
    18 is a mountain tile that is counted as a Rock Climb tile.
    To give a tile one of these terrain tags, you'll have to go to Debug -> Information Editors -> Edit Terrain Tags.

    Each Pokéride must have all of the following:
    • MoveSheet: The path in Graphics/Characters the graphic will be at.
    • MoveSpeed: How fast you move in this mode of this Pokéride.
    • ActionSheet: Whenever you hold Z, it'll switch to this sheet.
    • ActionSpeed: Whenever you hold Z, this is the new speed it'll have.

    You then have the option to add one or more of the following:
    • RockSmash: Any rock you walk up to while holding Z will be broken.
    • CanSurf: You can properly surf with this Pokéride.
    • Strength: Any boulder you walk up to while holding Z will be pushed forward.
    • WalkOnMudsdale: If you're on this Pokéride, you can walk on terrain with terrain tag 17 (which you normally can't).
    • ShowHidden: If a listed item with .hidden in the event name is within a 4x4 radius, it'll cause the Pokéride to use HiddenNearbySheet for a graphic and HiddenNearbySpeed for speed. These two must be implemented if you have ShowHidden enabled.
    • RockClimb: If you're on this Pokéride, you can use Rock Climb over terrain with terrain tag 18.

    If you want to swap Surf for a Pokéride, you should set SURF_MOUNT to the name of that Pokéride.

    ROCK_CLIMB_MOUNT is the mount that is called whenever you successfully use Rock Climb while not being on a Pokéride.

    And yep. That's essentially all this offers. I know it's barebones, but should provide a good base for anyone with decent programming knowledge (or eventing knowledge, even)
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