Ready to use Tilesets

Ready to use Tilesets

I made these sets because I wanted to practice arranging and aligning, so I found artisits who had made a few tiles but hadn't necessarily compiled them.

Crediting the orignal artist is required!
Please do not credit me, I don't consider what I did to be a contribution worthy of aknowledgment.​

Credit goes to Akizakura16! Which is me, but full name in your credits please. There's both an indoor and an outdoor set, and at the bottom here I've included some character sheets for the doors.

Here the door sheets to go with these sets:

Aigue--marine may have changed their name to LotusKing, but these tiles were posted on the former account.​

This set comes in two versions, a lineless style (left side) and an outlined version (right side)

Credit for this set goes to Kaliser! Not Aki!
Some of these tiles were posted as private and later reposted as public, so let me know if I messed up anywhere​

You might remember this artist as Thegreatblaid, but that account is gone.
On the left is a green version of the set, and on the right is a red version. There's also an interior set!​

Credit for this set goes to WilsonScarloxy! Not Aki!
There's both an indoor and an outdoor set​

You may remember this artist as Heavy-Metal-Lover
On the left is a lineless version, on the right is the outlined version. This artist has other tiles, but here are a bunch from their Hoenn Project that go great together!​

Credit for this set goes to Kyle-Dove!
Not Aki!
I separated out a few things as separate autotiles, but they're also included in the full set.

I don't want credit for artwork I didn't make; please do not credit me for compiling.
Be sure to credit the correct artist for the tileset you decide to use!​

  • Aigue--marine's tiles should be credited to Aigue--marine or LotusKing​
  • LotusKing's tiles should be credited to LotusKing​
  • Kaliser's tiles should be credited to Kaliser​
  • JesusCarrasco's tiles should be credited to JesusCarrasco or Thegreatblaid​
  • WilsonScarloxy's tiles should be credited to WilsonScarloxy​
  • SailorVicious's tiles should be credited to SailorVicious or Heavy-Metal-Lover​
  • Magiscarf's tiles should be credited to Magiscarf​
  • Kyle-Dove's tiles should be credited to Kyle-Dove​
  • UltimoSpriter's tiles should be credited to UltimoSpriter

I do not want credit for tiles I didn't make.
I just moved them around, that's not actual creation/creative work.
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Incredible tilesets for both Gen IV & Gen V style fangames
Your resource is really helpfull! I did find your Exterior Tileset at DeviantArt but didn't see the Indoor (so I'm just using the Outside tileset) and added the Doors too, I like them. I'm giving you 5 stars because of the hard work you've done 'cause the Indoor tileset is huge and the doors and outside are well done!
Been using magiscarfs tiles for a long time but my personal layout was so inneficient. coming across this was a life saver!
Aki did a great job making it easy for the user and doing all of the tedious work such as converting the tiles. Great Job!
I had a hard time converting these, and most of my tries were...err...not good.