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This resource pertains to version 21.1 of Pokémon Essentials.
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Type Matchup UI


This is an updated version of the original Type Match-Up Summary resource for v20.1, bringing it to Essentials v21.1 with some additional features. I am not the original creator of the script, but I got permission from ThatWelshOne_ to post a new resource with the updated scripts.


  • Two versions of the Type Matchup UI, one for the types in general, and one for specific species.
  • Easy implementation into the Essentials framework with few steps to get things going.
  • Type chart will change based on the PBS files, so you can change to your hearts content and the UI will auto update.


Installing the plugin is as simple as dragging the folders into the base Essentials folder. You shouldn't need to overwrite anything.

How to Use?

There are two methods you will call through the script action in order to get the UI to show up.

This brings up the type chart that will show you the weaknesses, resistances, and immunities for all types in the game.

This will bring up a species-specific menu. There are a few options for this. Within the parentheses, you can specify an array of Pokemon and it will only show you those Pokemon.

For example, putting [:PIKACHU, :CHARMANDER, :SQUIRTLE] will only show you those three Pokemon.

If you leave out the parentheses, the UI will default to every species within the currently active Regional Dex. If you do not have a Regional Dex selected, it will use the National Dex.

Adding a Menu

Implementing a menu into the game is very easy. If you go inside the Script Editor of RPGMaker, you can find a script called UI_PauseMenu. Inside that, go to line 274 where you will find the MenuHandlers.add(:pause_menu, :options) section. Put the script below after that and before the debug menu.

MenuHandlers.add(:pause_menu, :type, {
  "name"      => _INTL("Type Lookup"),
  "icon_name" => "Type",
  "order"     => 75,
  "effect"    => proc { |menu|
    pbFadeOutIn {
    next false

Implementing During Battle

The battle implementation will automatically create an array with the battlers currently active whenever the button is pressed. This means that you will only get a max of four Pokemon species at any one time.

in battle.gif
To make this implementation, simply go back to your Script Editor in RPGMaker and find the Battle_Scene script. Fine line 111. You are looking for the pbFrameUpdate method. You can replace it with the one below.

Note: The current button that pulls up the menu in battle is T. If you want to change that, you just need to simply change it within the Input.triggerex?(:T) call.

    def pbFrameUpdate(cw = nil)
      @battle.battlers.each_with_index do |b, i|
        next if !b
        #This triggers the battle scene. Change :T to whatever button you want.
      if Input.triggerex?(:T)
        custom_species = @battle.battlers.map { |battler| battler.species }.uniq

ThatWelshOne_ is the original creator of this script, and I have simply just made some edits to it and gotten permission to post about an update.
Original Creator: ThatWelshOne_
Script Editor/Updater: gameguy39
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