Ethically-Sourced Handmade Alternate Trainer Spritepack

Trainer battlers Ethically-Sourced Handmade Alternate Trainer Spritepack r3.2.18.24

Originally this was going to be a themed batch, so I could call it the "Japanese Valentines" update and go on about the whole mistranslation thing, but that didn't pan out. Did fewer sprites than I would've liked. Did fewer on-theme. Didn't get any passable ideas for Valentine's Day sprites. Everyone already knows about White Day anyways, so why even bother?
I don't know what I'm doing for the future. Considered a derivative sprite pack for various practice/joke/self edits, but that'd add a lot of paperwork for something with even less usability. I've gotten tired of doing OWs, and it's not like mainline really has them perfectly match up anyways. None of the long-term projects recruiting spriters are viable, my friends' various projects have all stalled out in one way or another. The last jam was a disappointment, and my passion for fangames is getting choked out by cynicism.
The projects I've been contributing to have all been in a slump lately, so feel free to make suggestions.
As for the update, mostly costumes and winterwear. Guess you could call it a late halloween and early christmas double feature.