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v21.1 [20.1+] Weather System 1.3.4

This resource pertains to version 21.1 of Pokémon Essentials.
  • Registered weather encounters for surfing, fishing, headbutt and rock smash.
  • Added code to make weather encounters possible for fishing, headbutt and rock smash.
Fixed a slight oversight with the random number generator that is compared to the weather probability. Now it shouldn't be possible for it to get a number so high that all probability checks fail.
Fixed a flaw in the code that selected the weather. Now it should compare the probability to a fixed number instead of randomly generating a new number for each weather probability.
Fixed a mistake where it wasn't added all the code needed for the weather in the Town Map to work.
Fixed an error that would happen when opening the map on a point with a name not defined in MAPS_POSITIONS.
  • Changed the initialization of the plugin at the first map change instead of the first time the player goes outdoors.
  • Fixed the code for the weather forecast.
  • Added season splash images. Comes with a .txt file with details of the font used for the text.
  • Changed the path for the weather icons from Graphics/Pictures/Weather to Graphics/Pictures/WeatherSystem/Weather.
  • Added tileset change for maps based on the season.
  • Added battle image change for battle based on the season.
  • Added new year to the end-of-the-month fix when changing maps outdoors.
  • Added the possibility to deactivate the automatic weather update when changing maps. Instructions (hopefully clear enough) on how to manually update the weather on events are on the configuration for that feature.
Fixed spelling error on the code.