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v21.1 Berry Planting Improvements 1.8.5

This resource pertains to version 21.1 of Pokémon Essentials.
Pokémon Essentials Version
v21.1 ✅
Diamond and Pearl added a way to view ripe berries on a map through the Poketch Berry Finder. BDSP shows them as part of the main Town Map. XY allowed for berry mutations to occur. Why not bring these to Essentials to make the berry planting experience easier and more fun?

  • This plugin works for v20 and up.
  • Starting with version 1.3, this plugin overwrites the update function in the BerryPlant class. Any plugin that also changes that function may be incompatible.
  • Starting with version 1.6, this plugin bypasses the pbPickBerry function in the Overworld_BerryPlants script, so any plugin that also changes that function may not run.
  • Starting with version 1.7, this plugin overwrites the pbBerryPlant function. Any plugin that also changes that function may be incompatible.
Features - Berry Growth Mechanics
  • Berry Mutations: Adds berry mutations to the game. When two plants are next to each other, they can produce a different berry as part of their berry yield (replacing one of the original berries you would have picked). You can define what combination of berry plants produce what berries.
  • Berry Propagation: Introduces the concept of berry propagation. In base Essentials, if berry plants are left alone for a while, they will wither and replant themselves a certain number of times. With this plugin, when they wither, one of the berries they would have given you can plant itself in a nearby empty berry spot.
  • Persistent Plants: Usually, berry plants will disappear after their berries are picked. You can make it so berry plants persist after picking, just like real fruit trees.
  • Dig Up Berries: If a berry is still in its first stage (has not sprouted yet), you can have the option to dig it up. It may or may not go back into your bag.
  • Withered Items: When a berry plant completely withers away by replanting itself the max number of times until it disappears, you can have a specific item or the original berry drop. The player will pick up the item when they go to plant a new berry.
  • Weeds: Similar to XY, weeds can grow around berry plants. Weeds can have effects on the growth of the plant.
    Berry Plant Weeds.png
  • Pests: Similar to XY, pests (wild Pokemon) can appear in berry plants, indicated by a fast-shaking plant. Pests can have effects on the growth of the plant. Interacting with a plant that has pests will start a battle with the Pokemon, using newly defined BerryPlantPest encounter types.
    Berry Plant Pests.gif
  • Preferred Weather (Requires the Berry Core and Dex plugin): Adds an option for berry plants to have a preferred weather type. If a berry plant is exposed to one of their preferred weathers (by you being on the same map as the plant while the weather is occurring) at any point before its final mature stage, it will have boosted traits (as defined in the Settings).
    • To set up, go into the berry_data file in PBS and add a "PreferredWeather" line. Then list out any weather types you want to be included as a Preferred Weather for that berry. For example, you can add the following line to make it prefer Rain or Snow: PreferredWeather = Rain, Snow
    • You can change what benefits will apply to berries exposed to preferred weather in 000_Settings.
  • Preferred/Unpreferred Zones (Requires the Berry Core and Dex plugin): Adds an option for berry plants to have a preferred and/or unpreferred "zone" to be planted in. If a berry is planted in a berry planting spot that has a defined zone, it will have boosted traits (as defined in the Settings).
    • To set up, go into the berry_data file in PBS and add a "PreferredZones" and/or "UnpreferredZones" line. Then list out the names of Zones you wish to apply to the berry (See the Setup section below to see how to set up Zones). For example, you can add the following line to make it prefer a Field or City zone: PreferredZones = Field, City
    • You can change what benefits (or penalties) will apply to berries planted in these zones in 000_Settings.
Features - Other
  • Town Map Indicators: When a player plants a berry, show indicators for those berries on the Town Map. This is supported in both the base Essentials Town Map, as well as Arcky's Region Map. There are several different indicators:
    • A berry is planted
    • Berry needs water (Moisture level is 0)
    • Berry is ready to be picked
    • Berry has weeds
    • Berry has pests
    • 1697227161145.png
    • Note: Due to the way I've implemented this (using some existing berry plant infrastructure in base Essentials) and to keep the map being cluttered with berry plants that the player hasn't interacted with yet, berry plants will only appear on the Town Map if the Player has planted the berry themselves. The only exception is a propagated berry, which will also appear on the Town Map due to the requirements for propagation.
  • Additional Mulches: Adds Surprise Mulch, Rich Mulch, Boost Mulch, and Amaze Mulch from XY. Also adds a new mulch, Allure Mulch. When this new mulch is placed on an empty berry spot, it will increase the chance that that spot will experience propagation if a nearby plant withers. A berry shouldn't be planted in that spot, otherwise propagation won't happen.
  • Mulch Composter (Requires the Berry Core and Dex plugin): Adds the ability to turn berries into Mulch items. Use the pbMulchComposter or pbComposter command to run the composter.
  • Autoplanting Berries (Requires the Berry Core and Dex plugin): You can provide up to 6 berries to an event that will plant them for you in a set list of berry planting spots either on the same map or a different map. This could be useful to give the player an option to plant multiple berries a bit faster than doing it themselves. Currently, there is no option to also put down mulch.
  • Watering Animation: You can now show character animations when watering berry plants. While the functionality is provided in this plugin, you must supply the graphics. (I suggest Ulithium_Dragon's
    • You can add unique watering graphics for specific watering cans. For instance, if your base graphic is called "girl_watering" and you want to include a unique graphic while using the Sprayduck, add a graphic called “girl_watering_SPRAYDUCK”.
  • Watering Can Fill Levels: You can have it so the player's watering cans can run out of water. They must fill them through an event or other way using the pbFillWateringCans command.
    • Note: If using the BerryPots plugin, there is a manual change needed for it to support this feature (See the Setup and Documentation document).

Please use the Setup and Documentation document provided in the downloaded .zip for all the setup and how to use some of the features.


  • If people have other ideas for improving Berry Planting, I'll look into supporting them!
Arcky (for their Town Map improvements code I'm duplicating for showing berries on their map)
Ulithium_Dragon (if using Watering Animations)
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