Charm Case

v21.1 Charm Case V1.06

This resource pertains to version 21.1 of Pokémon Essentials.
# Added Lin's Corrupt and Purify Charms.
# Moved the Blacklist section of the Wishing Charm into the settings file for ease of access.
# Renamed some setting names for easier identifiability.
# Added new settings to control the Wishing Charm a little easier.
# New setting to turn on / off removing Legendary Pokemon from the Auto Pool.
# New setting to use or don't use Blacklist at all.
# Fixed an issue where the Approved List didn't reward Legendary properly.
Fixed error where Wishing Charm text was hidden, but still activated when player doesn't have Wishing Charm.
Fixed error where Gold Charm was dropping Gold after every battle, not just trainer battles. Reduced default value from 1,000 to 500.
Fixed an issue where the addition of Poke Mart broke pbItemBall.
Added Wishing Charm - a charm that will grant a wish every 24 hours. By default, it will give you a random non-starter, non-legendary Pokemon, or an item. You can change the Pokemon list to an approved list in the settings menu. The list itself is also modifiable through the settings menu. You can also turn off the inclusion of items through the settings menu, so it only gives Pokemon.
Wishing Charm will display like the "Elemental Charms" and "Close Case" text. It will only appear when player receives :WISHINGCHARM.
Added Frugal Charm - a charm that will reduce Pokemon Mart prices by half.
Updated PBS to include new Charms.
Changed the handling of Elemental Charms further. V1.04 still wasn't handling them properly.
# V1.04 - Added settings for almost every Charm value
# Added Gene Charm, Disable Charm, Step Charm, Effort Charm.
# Added new identification for charms, is_charm?, is_echarm?.
# Added ability to purchase Charms and Elemental Charms from regular Poke Mart call (pbPokemonMart(stock))
# Calling from the normal call will send it to the proper section of the Charm Case, instead of your inventory.
# Both Charms and Elemental Charms will be deleted from stock upon purchase, or if already in players Charm List.
# Added capture chance to elemental charms.
# Added new charms to pbs and give all charm command.
# Balance Charm and Elemental Charms were messing with each other:
# Made Balance Charm and Elemental Charms activation turn the other off.
# V1.03 - Adjusted some code, making it easier to follow.
# Fixed Slot Machine background problem. Images are back into one folder, following
# the path of V21.1 (Graphics/UI)
# Per suggestion, changed Slots Charm giving payout bonus as well.
# Graphics adjusted accordingly.
# Redid PBS txt and text throughout the script to make the charms in alphabetical order. More
# aesthetically pleasing and this is easier to sort, and deleted blanks lines which errors V21.1.
# Adding missing Charms to PBS.
# Added auto alphabetical sorting to the charm case.
# Fixed a FloatDomainError error I ran into testing. Issue with slider arrows
# Rebuilt the code to minimize overwriting of existing code, making it friendlier with other plugins
# and making it much easier to read. Also added some commentary.
###Still have a little work to do, but should be much better.
# Added EXP All Charm
# Added all missing sprites, except elemental ones.
# Added missing Charms into the initialization process.
  • Changed several lines of code to differentiate between V20.1 and V21.1. Should now be compatible with both.
  • Replaced a few charm sprites with more Pokemon friendly colored sprites - credits to LinKazamine.
  • Adjust healing charm calculations. Should function as intended now.
  • Added in pbGiveAllCharms and pbGiveAllECharms to give all charms for normal and elemental charms.
  • Split Slot Machine graphics into two folders. One for V20.1 and one for V21.1. Working on a permanent workaround.
Fixed an issue with ItemBalls and opening an empty Charm Case. Also added missing Promo Charm and Balance Charm to PBS txt. Fixed issue with IVCharm and error with how the WildEncounter is handled between V20.1 and V21.1. Changed Graphics location to /Graphics/UI to match V21.1. Includes all required Slot Machine graphics in the folder, so V20.1 can copy and go.