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v20.1 Charm's recompilation 1.3.1

This resource pertains to version 20.1 of Pokémon Essentials.
  • Added Hard and Easy Charms, based on the Hard and Easy Keys from Black2 and White2. Their sprites are also modelled after the respective legendary.
  • Modified the item handlers to disable all conflicting charms when a charm is activated.
  • Added all the configurations for DrDoom76's charms.

IMPORTANT: You need to start a new game. You'll have to do it any time a new charm is added but it doesn't hurt to remind here.
  • Made Essentials Deluxe an optional requirement so the position of the pocket icons with the Bag Screen w/int. Party are loaded in the proper places.
  • Changed ID names for the Gene and Effort Charms.
  • Added the option to activate or disable the charms when interacting with them from the bag.
  • Code modified to check if the charm is active (if it can be activated) or if it's in the bag (if it can't be activated).
  • Changed the pocket number in the PBS file to 9.

IMPORTANT: you have to start a new save after installing this update.
  • Added Frugal Charm and Wishing Charm.
  • Added Icon for the Charm's Pocket.
  • Deleted Disable Charm's code until it works.
  • Added Disable Charm.
  • Fixed background colors with Bag Screen w/int. Party so the Charm Pocket is always pink, regardless of the ZUD plugin being installed or not.
  • Added alternative designs for the Effort Charm and Step Charm.
  • Added Pure and Corrupt Charms. They're designed after Suicune, said to purify water. Designing something after Celebi is hard.
  • Added code to add a Charm Pocket on the bag. Code compatible with both Bag Screen w/int. Party v20.1 and ZUD Mechanics.
Updated the names of the Fighting and Flying charms in the PBS file.
  • Added the charms included in Charm Case made by DrDoom76 and Sustitute
  • Added icons for Gene, Friendship, IV and Step charms