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v21.1 Pokemon Form Changer V1.01

This resource pertains to version 21.1 of Pokémon Essentials.
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v21.1 ✅
I was in the middle of adding traders in just about every Poke Center in towns that would trade you back a different form of what you trade them. This didn't seem like the most efficient way to go about this. After looking into the debug code for Pokemon modifications, I went ahead and made an item that will do the same thing. Using this, you will be prompted to select any available forms for the selected Pokemon, and it will change their Form to the selection. Due to the way Arceus works, and I'm assuming same with the memory items, the item won't work without "forcing" form change, so I've prevented use on all Legendaries. I'm not the best spriter, so if anyone has a good sprite for a Form Changer, I'd be more than happy to add it to go along with the script. It should also check for Pokemon that create their own forms, like Deerling, and prevent usage. I wrote it for V20.1, but tested it on V21.1 with no issues.
Onto the good stuff:
Just place this at the bottom of the Item_Effects area.
ItemHandlers::UseOnPokemon.add(:FORMCHANGER, proc { |item, qty, pkmn, screen|
  formcmds = [[], []]
  formNames = []

  species_data = GameData::Species.get(pkmn.species)
  if species_data && species_data.egg_groups.include?(:Undiscovered)
    pbMessage("You cannot use this item on Legendary Pokémon!")
    next false
  elsif MultipleForms.hasFunction?(pkmn, "getForm")
    pbMessage("This species decides its own form and cannot be changed.")
    next false

  GameData::Species.each do |sp|
    if sp.species == pkmn.species
      form_name = sp.form_name
      form_name = "Normal" if !form_name || form_name.empty?
      form_name = sprintf("%d: %s", sp.form, form_name)

  choice = pbMessage("Which form would you like?", formcmds[1], -1)

  if choice == nil || choice == -1
    pbMessage(_INTL("Did not use the Form Changer."))
    next false
  elsif formcmds[0][choice] == pkmn.form
    pbMessage("Your Pokémon is already in that Form!")
    next false
    chosen_form_name = formcmds[1][choice].split(': ')[1]  # Extract the chosen form name
    pbFadeOutIn {
      pkmn.form = formcmds[0][choice]
    pbMessage("Your Pokémon has changed to its #{chosen_form_name} Form!")
    next true
Add this into your PBS Items file
Name = Form Changer
NamePlural = Form Changers
Pocket = 1
Price = 5000
FieldUse = OnPokemon
Flags =
Description = An item that will allow you to change the form of your Pokemon.

Please let me know if anyone has any issues. Hope you enjoy!
Credit if used would be nice: Dr.Doom76
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