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v21.1 Multitype UI 1.1

This resource pertains to version 21.1 of Pokémon Essentials.
Since version 19-ish of Pokémon Essentials, the engine has been able to natively handle Pokémon that have more than two types - in battle, everything works properly. But, the UI was only ever coded for dual-type Pokémon, and this has never changed because it's never really needed to.

However, for fangames that wish to do so, I've made changes to the UI to let it work. The code produces nice-looking arrangements for up to eight-typed Pokémon, and not-so-nice-looking arrangements for up to 20-typed Pokémon.

This plugin makes adjustments to:
  • The summary screen (including compatibility with FRLG Summary Scene) - both the front page and the move-rearranging page
  • The move relearner scene.
  • The PC (including compatibility with BW Storage System)
  • The Pokédex Info page.
This plugin does not introduce any multi-typed Pokémon, merely adjusts the UI to allow said Pokémon to display properly.
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Latest updates

  1. Battle tweaks

    Fixed a visual error involving the type display for selected moves in battle.