Pokemon Contests and Pokeblocks [Beta]

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This resource pertains to version 20.1 of Pokémon Essentials.
Pokémon Essentials Version
v20.1 ➖
This set of plugins brings Pokemon Contests and Pokeblock creation (based on the Generation 3 style) up to version v20.1. bo4p5687 had created scripts for these back in the day, but I worked to revamp them for the modern versions.

Currently, I consider these plugins to be in Beta. They are only guaranteed to work with base Pokemon Essentials v20.1 and has not gone through testing with other plugins yet. I want to work on making it more compatible with other plugins, as well as general improvements and bug fixes that may be found, before releasing version 1.0 of these plugins. If you find an issue or an incompatibility you want me to look into, please write it up in the Discussion section.

While all the details of these plugins and setup are included in the Setup and Documentation document in the downloaded .zip, below is some explanation and examples of what you can do!

Please use the Setup and Documentation document provided in the downloaded .zip for all the setup.
Some aspects are plug-and-play, but the biggest setup piece is the map setup. I provide maps to import in the plugins and detailed steps as part of the Setup and Documentation document. I've also created a sample project that can be used to get an idea of how things could be set up. You can download it here:

The main attraction is actually participating in Pokemon Contests! The plugin comes with all base Essentials moves set up to be used in contests out of the box. It also provides a way to easily start setting up custom moves to be used in contests.

[2023-08-01] 19_51_21.400.png

[2023-08-01] 19_56_18.615.png

[2023-08-01] 19_57_14.253.png

[2023-08-01] 19_59_36.605.png

Viewing Contest Information in Pokemon Summary
Using the D Key, you can toggle viewing a Pokemon's Contest information, like Condition Stat values and Move Information. You can change how Condition Stats are visually shown, using Marin's Better Bitmaps!
[2023-08-01] 19_43_40.728.png

[2023-08-01] 19_49_53.084.png

[2023-08-01] 19_47_30.933.png

Make Pokeblocks using a Berry Blender! Includes the Generation 3 minigame to make them. The plugin gives you the option to also use a simplified version of the Berry Blender that doesn't use the minigame, like in ORAS.

[2023-08-01] 20_03_25.325.png

[2023-08-01] 20_04_15.284.png

[2023-08-01] 20_04_31.957.png

The following are features or fixes I am working on or plan to work on for these plugins:
  • Make improvements to the Berry Blender minigame
  • Support v21.1
  • Allow more customization of combos (including locking some behind a switch, etc.)
bo4p5687 (original code used as a base for both Contests and Pokeblocks)
Marin (Better Bitmaps plugin used for line graph Pokemon Condition viewing)
mej71, Maruno, FL, JV, Umbreon/Hansiec, Saving Raven, FL, Luka S.J., TastyRedTomato (contibuters to the original Contest code used as a base)
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