Friend Safari

v20.1 Friend Safari 1.0.10

This resource pertains to version 20.1 of Pokémon Essentials.
Fixed crash that happened when the game tried to give a hidden ability with a pokémon with less than 2 abilities.
  • Added compatibility with Cable Club.
  • Changed the code to use fewer variables.
  • Added a function that allows overwriting previously registered data when trying to register it again with the same name.

WARNING: The variables used in the plugin have changed so you have to start a new game.
Fixed the pbShowFriendPokemon to actually work with other players' data instead of NPC's data.
  • Changed the code for reading a player's safari data so the keywords it detects can be changed to match the language like when the file is created.
  • Added a visual page count on the show safari types screen. It can be activated on the configuration file.

WARNING: The plugin can't read the text properly if there are accents or other symbols so do not add them when translating the arrays and the keywords of the reading plugin or the process will fail.
Changed some events in the example map that were causing errors when getting in the map but that had nothing to do with the plugin. You should be able to properly test the map now.
Download the map again or delete/edit the graphics of events 5 and 6 to solve the problem.
  • Fixed error that only created up to 5 max IV instead of 6.
  • Added probability of pokémon appearing with their hidden ability. It also chooses randomly between all hidden abilities available for the pokémon.
Fixed the code for getting the full list of pokémon in the game with a certain type or flag so the flag's ban list actually works.
Added the data for an example map in the download link.

To add it, create a new map on your project, save it and copy the example map provided with the name of the map you just created. Open again your project and the map should have been changed to a map with example events to make a Friend Safari.

Hope that makes up for the lack of images showing the plugin's functionality.
  • Fixed the show safari types screen for the arrows to work and to display the key help only when there's more than one page.
  • Added a function that allows overwriting banned pokémon when loading other players' files. You can activate this function on the configuration file.
  • Fixed the code for the IV. Now the perfect IV should be picked randomly, instead of in order.
Changed how the plugin decides if a pokémon of the Friend Safari should be shiny. Now it counts as an extra chance with increased probability instead of a single try with increased probability.