Modular UI Scenes [v21.1]

v21.1 Modular UI Scenes [v21.1] v2.0.1

This resource pertains to version 21.1 of Pokémon Essentials.
  • Added new functionality that lets you edit specific properties of a menu handler without having to overwrite the entire handler.
This is a huge update that renames the entire plugin due to its expanded functionality. If you're updating this plugin from a previous version, make sure to delete the old version from your Plugins folder first, before installing this update. Don't just replace the previous version. Many of the files in this plugin have been renamed, so they won't just automatically replace the old files.

  • Revamped this project so that it is now built for Essentials v21.1.
  • The v21.1 Hotfixes are now required for this plugin for this plugin to run.
  • Expanded the functionality of this project so that it now extends to the Pokedex UI, and not just the Summary. A ton of new code and graphics have been added to make the Pokedex UI modular in a similar fashion to the Summary UI.