[20.1+] Notebook

v20.1 [20.1+] Notebook 1.0.8

This resource pertains to version 20.1 of Pokémon Essentials.
Added missing configuration to activate or disable the new notebook scene for Notebook with icons.
Fixed the new scene code so it doesn't crash if you don't have FL's controls plugin instaled.
Fixed the problem that caused a pokémon to be registered as owned when creating notes.
  • Added a new notebook scene that looks like a notebook.
  • Changed where the notebook variables are created.
  • Added an option on the notebook item to check how much space is left in the storage.
IMPORTANT: You will need to start a new save when installing this update.
  • Added code to make a mail shop. You can add items and backgrounds separately.
  • Added code to transform any mail you tell it to check and that's in the bag into a background for notes.
Check the overview for examples of how to use them.
  • Fixed a problem that would prompt the player to give a message to the note and then throw an error if the player chooses to cancel in the background selection.
  • Added the option to create notes with icons. Put it as a separate download.
  • The storage capacity has been separated in two: a base storage capacity and a variable ID to increase the storage capacity anytime.
Added some code so that, hopefully, the game doesn't crash if there is no save file.
Added a missing _INTL to translate the Cancel option when selecting the note's background.
Until now, the game only checked if the title was left blank to cancel the creation of the note. Now, it checks if the title is left blank, the player cancels when selecting a background or if the message is left empty.