Dynamic Battle Sprites and Backsprite Corrections

Dynamic Battle Sprites and Backsprite Corrections 1.2

The Black and White sprites are great, but this is for all the people who miss the personality of some of the older sprites!



This is a simple graphics pack for more dynamic poses using frames from official Pokémon games. This uses sprites from hgss, dppt, and bw/bw2 to bring better expressions to otherwise still Pokémon, some also edited and tweaked for the ideal experience even at fullscreen. (And in case there's any doubt, I even replaced Cascoon.)
Some backsprites with oddities in vanilla Essentials have been replaced as well.

You are encouraged to comb through each sprite to pick and choose what you like.

This does not include every shiny, as I am altering some for my own game and already changed a few based on my whims. Not every sprite is replaced. This is based on my personal preferences.
Some sprites DO have edits for the sake of visuals as well (such as Jolteon and Typlosion), slightly altered colours (such as Arcanine and Baltoy), Frankenstein-ed and corrected sprites (such as Blitzle and Heatmor), and including an alternate Arbok form and every form of Arceus (that I recoloured myself, yes my arm hurts). Some sprites have different posing depending on the gender. Some I got annoyed with the gender difference and chose to ignore it. I added a "gender difference" to some Pokémon simply to show multiple poses.
For the most part, this is plug-and-play.

And yes, I did all of the compiling and sprite editing alone, the credits are no mistake.

WARNING: Only use the pokemon_metric.txt to copy and paste the ENEMY positions of sprites you want to use. If all you have that edits it is the Gen 9 pack, then you have nothing to worry about, as I edited these sprites with the pack installed. However, this may overwrite your data if you have fakemon or anything extra, so be cautious.
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  1. Backsprites added

    The pack has been updated to include some more dynamic backsprites as well, using the animated...
  2. Backsprite corrections

    In changing some things in my game, I noticed that some backsprites had odd pixel fuzz on them...
  3. Sprites aligned

    Sprites should now line up nicely with their shadows. A metric .txt has been added to the files...

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This is a pretty cool resource. I especially like the Charmander and Charmeleon sprites included in the pack. They are a lot more dynamic than the BW sprites I was previously using.
Glad you enjoy them! Charmander's sprite is from DDPt, Charmeleon's is from HGSS. I personally went through gens 1-5 to find my favourite sprites, hope they treat you well.