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v20.1 Improved Battle AI for Essentials v20.1 1.2.2

This resource pertains to version 20.1 of Pokémon Essentials.
Fixed a bug that could cause the AI to skip the opponent's turn in niche circumstances.
Fixed a bug that could skip the opponent's turn and made the AI more responsive to certain held items:
  • An opponent holding Heat, Damp, Smooth or Icy Rock will be much more likely to select the corresponding weather-setting move if it knows the move.
  • An opponent holding Light Clay will be much more likely to select Reflect, Light Screen, or Aurora Viel (in Hail) if it knows the move(s).
  • An opponent holding Terrain Extender will be much more likely to select a terrain-setting move if it knows it.
Tweaked the decision-making process for damage dealing moves.
Fixed some bugs that was causing it to skip a lot of the logic, especially for lower-skilled trainer classes. Most of the jankiness that people were experiencing (spamming Will-O-Wisp on a statused target, Fake Out after turn 1, etc.) should be fixed now.