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This resource pertains to version 21.1 of Pokémon Essentials.
Pokémon Essentials Version
v21.1 ✅
Generation 9 Resource Pack
Finally, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet officially release on November 18th. Even a week after it released, many people, including me, want to try to implement some of the newest mechanics. So, I tried to implement some of the mechanics, and this pack was created. This is an open collaboration project for Essentials v21.1. So, everyone can contribute to this pack, and please give the properly credit.

Feature :
  • An adaptation of the Pokemon Legends Arceus Expansion for v20.
  • All Gen 9 Pokemon, abilities, items, moves, and Pokemon_forms PBS file.
  • A functional Gen 9 multiple forms, new moves and abilities.
  • All new Gen 9 evolution methods (with an altered method for rellor, pawmo, bramblin, and palafin).
  • All Gen 9 Pokémon cries, overworld and battler sprites.
  • A functional PLA and Gen 9 Items.
  • A functional PLA Legend Plate based on Eskiss's Functional Legend Plate.
  • An optional PLA frostbite and drowsy mechanic.
  • An optional Snow mechanic.
  • Adding code to the AI to be able to use revive items.
The sprites list credit list :

Move animations :
There are some Gen 9 move animation created by Toxillian (part 1 and 2), KRLW890 and Nut0066 (part 1 and 2) using Gen 8 Move Animation Project assets.

Caution :
  • All the mechanics that were created in this pack may not be 100% accurate.
  • Many vanilla scripts that check a mold breaker ability replaced to add a function for Ability Shield, so it might be incompatible with some scripts. (haven't tested the compability yet)
Changes from the original :
  • Rellor, Pawmo, and Bramblin can evolve by walking 1000 steps while in the first party slot and then leveling up.
  • Palafin can evolve by leveling up while you are partnered with a trainer.
Instruction :
  • Make a backup of your project in case you have any custom changes PBS files, sprites, or cries
  • Download and extract the rar file.
  • If you have installed Generation 9 Pack before, remove it from the plugin folder.
  • Copy Audio, Graphics, and Plugins to your project folder.
  • If this is your first time installing the Generation 9 Pack, then you can recompile your game first. (You can hold Ctrl while the game starts to force the game to compile).
  • If you have any custom changes in PBS files, you must update these PBS files with your changes; otherwise, you can copy the folder to your project folder.
  • In OPTIONAL folder there are 2 versions of the sprites and Pokemon metric PBS file, if you already installed the Generation 8 Pack, move the folder inside the Generation 8 Pack Style folder to your project; if not, move the folder inside the Vanilla Style folder to your project.
  • Recompile your game and your plugin.
  • Start a new save game.
Feel free to give feedback or report the error from the script.
Also please let me know if I forget to mention someone in the credit list
Script Gen 9 and Adapting PLA:
-Eskiss (Legend Plate script based on)

PBS for Gen 9:
-PorousMist (Updated the abilities, items, and moves description)
-DJChaos (TM Items)
-Futuresushi (Shortened abilities and moves description)

Pokemon Gen 9 Battler Sprites:
KingOfThe-X-Roads, Mak, Caruban, jinxed, leParagon, Sopita_Yorita, Azria, Mashirosakura,
JordanosArt, Abnayami, OldSoulja, Katten, Divaruta 666, Clara, Skyflyer, AshnixsLaw

Pokemon Gen 9 icons:
ezerart, JordanosArt

Pokemon Gen 9 Followers:
Azria, DarkusShadow, EduarPokeN, Carmanekko, StarWolff, Caruban

Pokemon PLA and Gen 9 Footprints :

Pokemon Gen 9 Cries:
Edited from Lightblade Absol's Gen 9 Cries compilation video
Edited from HeroLinik's Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - Walking Wake and Iron Leaves Cries video

Gen 9 item icons:
-lichenprincess (Tera Orb, Bamboos, Tera Shards, Mirror Herb, Loaded Dice, Leader Crest, and Kubfu Scrolls, Booster Energy, Gimmighoul coin, TM Material, Kofu's Wallet, Sandwich, Herba Mysticas)
-Caruban (Punching Glove, Auspicious Armor, Malicious Armor, Ability Shield, Clear Amulet, Covert Cloak, Scarlet&Violet Book)

Original Pokémon: Legends Arceus Expansion Script :
-StCooler (Original script for Gen 8 Project in v18 and Status sprites)
-PorousMist and curryofthepast (Adapting the script for v19.1 use)

PLA item icons :
AztecCroc, 3DJackArt, Caruban, lichenprincess

Pokemon cries ripped:

Pokeballs battle animation and summary icon:
-WolfPP (Beast ball battle animation)

PLA Pokémon icons:

PLA Followers:
Boonzeet, DarkusShadow, princess-phoenix, Ezeart, WolfPP

PLA Sprites from Smogon Gen8 Sprite Project :
Blaquaza, KingOfThe-X-Roads, KattenK, Travis, G.E.Z., SpheX, Hematite, and SelenaArmorclaw

Vanilla Style Version
Pokémon sprites:
KingOfThe-X-Roads, Mak, Caruban, jinxed, leParagon, Sopita_Yorita, Azria, Mashirosakura, JordanosArt, Scept, NanaelJustice, SoyChim, KRLW890, AnonAlpaca, PokeJminer, Red7246, Carmanekko, Eduar, Lykeron, GriloKapu10, Mesayas, Erkey830, QDylm, PorousMist, OldSoulja, AlexandreV2.0, Z-nogyroP, lennybitao, Ruben1986
Blaquaza, KattenK, Travis, G.E.Z., SpheX, Hematite

Gen 9 Icons:
Vent, Katten, leParagon, Cesare_CBass, AlexandreV2.0, Carmanekko

PLA Icons:
LuigiTKO, Pikafan2000, Cesare_CBass, Vent, Cesare_Cbass, MultiDiegoDani, leParagon, JWNutz
and thanks for Pokémon Icons Act 2.9 - Teracristalizando

Full Sprites Credit List:
See Full Sprites Credit List

And let me know if there is someone that I forget to mentions here.
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Latest reviews

Absolutely fantastic work right here. Gen 9 has so many awesome mons, and the people that worked on this really did them justice with these amazing sprites! all the gen 9 stuff is here, and, it honestly blews my mind how fast they made this.
Incredible work from all involved, and such a quick turn around from the games release too!
Extremely helpful for anybody looking to implement newer features, great asset for the community.
This is awesome, just what I was looking for, I just have a small issue, the pokémon metrics aren't perfectly aligned with their shadow, for example , Tarountula front sprite is floating over its shadow, the same with Maschiff and many more (if not every one of them), what am I doing wrong?
It's great to have a resource such as this to include the Legends Arceus Pokémon but its super annoying to have no subfolders with all the sprites sorted and it's impossible to try and sort it all yourself because of sprites sharing the same name over several images. So it would be wonderful if you could add Subfolders for each of the sprites to make it easy for users to use the pack
The files didn't include Frigibax, or any of it's evolutions back Sprites
Can´t wait to see the full release of this. I am visiting this site like once every two days. This will be the ultimate go to install for me.
Hi I have installed this plugin in my game and everything works except for the terestillize function, do I need to use a script or an item or give to the pokemon to get it to work?
Hello im new here i was wondering how do i add this to my pokemon essentials
Lots of effort put into it so soon after Gen 9 has released! Definitely worth taking a look at, even if it is a work in progress.