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This resource pertains to version 20.1 of Pokémon Essentials.
Pokémon Essentials Version
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PLA Battle Styles for v20.1
An adaptation of the Strong/Agile Style system from Pokemon Legends Arceus into Pokemon Essentials.

In Pokemon Legends Arceus, a new battle mechanic was introduced that allowed you to shift the battle style of your Pokemon during combat to optimize their attacks in certain ways. This mechanic was designed to emphasize that game's unique approach to turn based combat for the Pokemon series - opting for a more active time battle approach as opposed to Pokemon's traditional turn based combat. When utilizing the Strong Style, Pokemon would act slower, meaning more infrequent turns. However, this would be offset by a boost in overall power and effectiveness of their moves. In contrast, using the Agile Style would instead weaken the Pokemon's move power, but with the benefit of being able to act sooner, with more chances to act.

Because of how different the battle system is in this game, replicating this mechanic as it was designed within the framework of a traditional Pokemon system isn't possible. However, with some creative liberties, the general themes and spirit behind PLA's Battle Style mechanics can be reimagined for Essentials, which is the goal of this plugin. All the mechanics related to battle styles have been retooled and rebalanced for use in Essentials, with customization options to allow you to tweak things as you see fit for your game.

Plugin Features
  • Fully replicated the Strong/Agile battle styles from PLA.
  • The ability to "master" a Pokemon's moves, which allows them to utilize battle styles.
  • Pokemon may now naturally master level-up moves as they level.
  • Introduces the Seed of Mastery item, which allows you to master a Pokemon move.
  • The ability to master the moves of AI Pokemon to allow them to use battle styles against you.
  • Graphics, Audio, and animations for the use of battle styles in combat.
  • Full compatibility with my Enhanced UI plugin; allowing you to see the effects each battle style has on your moves.

  • Download and install the latest version of the Essentials Deluxe plugin. To reiterate, this is required for this plugin to work.
  • Download this plugin using the link provided and extract its contents to your root Essentials folder.
  • Use the Settings file located in this plugin's folder to adjust things to your liking.
  • IMPORTANT: If you plan on using other plugins that replaces or overwrites your entire Items or Moves PBS files, such as the Gen 9 Pack, then you must install this plugin AFTER installing those first. If you install this one first, then any PBS changes applied by this plugin will be overwritten the second those plugins are installed, thus rendering this plugin useless. Please keep that in mind before claiming that this plugin doesn't work.

Please refer to the PokeCommunity thread for in depth tutorials on all mechanics added by this plugin.
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