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v21.1 Mid battle dialogue for v20+ 3.0

This resource pertains to version 21.1 of Pokémon Essentials.
- Curse shouldn't be broken anymore

-Added the pbcallally function that call a specified species (see guide)
Added a version of the SOS battles plugin specific to v21 mid battle dialogues.
If you are already using the original one, don't download the specific one and tweak the original plugin instead.
Instructions have been updated
A v21.1 version is here!
As always, don't be afraid to report any bugs that could occur!

added an excludedialogue option in case you have minions that shouldn't trogger low hp and co triggers
itemOpp condition should work correctly, the typo is fixed.
-You can now force a move on a pokémon, see the guide for more details
-fainted,2 and faintedOpp,2 can now be used as conditions
-Boss protection is now tied to a battler
-More cheesy moves are covered by the Boss Protect effect
battle.battlers[1].effects[PBEffects::BossProtect] = true #is now the way to trigger it
If something looks weird to you, feel free to comment the thread, I didn't tested everything
-Corrected high hp threshold not working properly
-Cleaned some duplicates
-Updated the guide with new effects
  • Changed pbreducehp to pbLowerhp. If you were using it on an ally Pokémon, please replace it with the new synthax
  • Added bossprotect effect that prevent status, stat drops, and negates tricky moves.
  • Added health threshold the boss cannot fall below while they are active. More information in the thread.
  • Updated the user guide (finally!)