Improved Field Skills [v20.1]

v20.1 Improved Field Skills [v20.1] v1.0.4

This resource pertains to version 20.1 of Pokémon Essentials.
  • Updated the Future Sight party skill so that it is now compatible with new evolution methods used by Gen 9 packs for species introduced in Hisui and Paldea.
  • Added the move Heal Pulse to the HEAL_SKILLS array.
  • Added the following moves to the MISC_SKILLS array, for compatibility with other scripts/plugins that add field effects for these moves:
  • Created a new move array called CUSTOM_SKILLS. This array is used to add moves that can be used through the party menu that have custom effects. The following moves are included by default, with their effects already present within the plugin (thanks to TechSkylander1518 for the base scripts for these effects).
    • Recover - Heals 1/4th of the user's HP.
    • Life Dew - Heals 1/4th of the entire party's HP.
    • Heal Bell/Aromatherapy - Cures the status conditions of the party.
    • Instruct - Allows a party member to relearn a past move.
    • Sketch - Allows the user to Sketch a party member's move.
    • Future Sight - Allows the user to see the species of an Egg, or next evolution/move of a Pokemon.
  • Added a plugin setting named CUSTOM_SKILLS_REQUIRE_MOVE to allow you to toggle whether or not a Pokemon needs to know a move found in the CUSTOM_SKILLS in order for that move to appear in the Pokemon's skill menu.
  • Added a new script in the plugin folder named Party Skills that contains all code related to skills that have a direct use within the party menu, rather than performing an action within the overworld. By default, this contains all the code related to HEAL_SKILLS and CUSTOM_SKILLS.
  • Fixed a small error with the Ready Menu that could cause crashes in certain situations.
  • Moved around some code in preparation for the release of the Legendary Breeding plugin.

Note: This update also requires that your Essentials Deluxe plugin is updated to v1.1.