Improved Field Skills [v20.1]

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This resource pertains to version 20.1 of Pokémon Essentials.
Improved Field Skills for v20.1
A mod that allows for the use of HM's and other field moves without requiring a Pokemon to know the move.

This plugin aims to eliminate the need for requiring a Pokemon to have certain field moves in their moveset to have access to those moves on the overworld. Instead, each species is simply flagged as capable of using a field move if they have the move, OR if they are capable of learning that move in some fashion (Level-up, egg move, TM/HM, or tutor). This makes navigating the overworld less limiting to your party, as you no longer necessarily need to carry specific HM moves in your movesets to progress and explore. However, the old method of having the move in the Pokemon's moveset still functions as well, for rare cases such as Smeargle who isn't naturally compatible with any field move, but may still theoretically carry one of those moves in its moveset thanks to Sketch.

Plugin Features
  • Removal of the need to have field moves in your party's moveset in order to use them on the field.
  • Access to field moves are now flagged on a species based on that species' compatibility with the move, rather than knowing the move.
  • Compatibility with Essential's Ready Menu.
  • A new "Skills" option appears in a Pokemon's party options. This opens a new submenu containing all usable field moves.
  • Moves that appear in the Skills menu will now be grayed out if they are currently unusable, instead of always appearing with blue text.
  • Easily compatible with other plugins that add effects for new field skills not found in Essentials by default, such as Rock Climb or Defog.
  • Plugin settings that allow you to toggle HM moves visible in the Skills menu based on whether the appropriate badges have been obtained to use that move.
  • Plugin settings that allow you to toggle whether certain non-HM moves still require the move to be known or not.
  • Plugin settings that allow you to flag any move you want to function like Milk Drink/Soft-Boiled when used out of battle.

  • Download and install the latest version of the Essentials Deluxe plugin. To reiterate, this is required for this plugin to work.
  • Download this plugin using the link provided and extract its contents to your root Essentials folder.
  • Use the Settings file located in this plugin's folder to adjust things to your liking.
  • Refer to the PokeCommunity thread for all of the tutorials you'll need on how to use this plugin.
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  1. v1.0.2 Update

    Fixed a small error with the Ready Menu that could cause crashes in certain situations.
  2. v1.0.1 Update

    Moved around some code in preparation for the release of the Legendary Breeding plugin. Note...